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Air Conditioning Services in Weston, FL

Clean, comfortable indoor air is more important than ever. If you share your home with infants, seniors, or people with allergies or chronic illnesses, clean indoor air is vital to their well-being. We’re also spending more time indoors than ever, so comfort is essential.

Weston is one of the warmest cities in Florida, so some days no AC can be life-threatening. In Weston and Broward County, air conditioning is a necessity.

AC Repairs in Weston, FL

With maintenance, your AC system can last 15+ years. Maintenance saves money because it helps your HVAC system work more efficiently. This lowers monthly energy bills and prolongs the life of your AC unit.

Signs You Need AC Repair

We offer AC repair for all makes and models of cooling systems in Weston and Southeast Florida. We’ll tell you if you can get more mileage from your current unit, but if it’s time for AC replacement and installation, your Ask For Cool professionals are the best choice in South Florida.

There are several clues you need AC service in Weston:

  • Air feels heavy/muggy
  • Drafts
  • Higher monthly utility bills
  • Low/no airflow
  • Noises
  • Rooms are regularly too hot/cold
  • Odors
    • Dirty sock smell
    • Burning wires
    • Musty/dusty
    • Rotten eggs smell
    • Sewage smell
    • Smoke

AC Replacement in Weston, FL

Every cooling system replacement in Weston is customized. We’ll take into consideration:

  • How much insulation you have
  • Climate specific to our area of Florida
  • Installation difficulty
  • Number/size of windows
  • SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio)
  • Square footage to be cooled
  • Sun positioning/natural light/heat

If you plan to sell your home this year, you’ll have a high return on investment (ROI) with a new AC system. Your property will be much more desirable in a competitive market!

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your AC

If you’ve had two or more AC repairs, it’s time to cut your losses and invest in a new cooling system. Other signs include:

  • AC thermostat doesn’t work
  • Air won’t blow cool
  • High humidity
  • Loud noises
  • Not enough air coming out of vents
  • Odors when it turns on (if you smell electrical burning or smoke, turn your unit off immediately and disconnect/flip the dedicated circuit breaker)

Benefits of a New AC System

As much as half the energy used in your home is for heating and cooling. An energy-efficient replacement AC system saves money and reduces your carbon footprint. And as extensions continue, you may qualify for an ENERGY STAR® federal tax credit. (Be sure to ask your tax professional.)

In addition to improved comfort and cleaner indoor air, your new HVAC or cooling unit will have smart features like remote programming and weather sensing, and many can integrate with a home automation system.

AC Maintenance in Weston, FL

Your heating and cooling system is among the most expensive appliances in your home, so it makes sense to take care of it. A well-maintained AC unit will last longer. Without maintenance, you’ll need a new AC system in about eight to 10 years.

Some AC repairs cost more than $2,000. That’s another way maintenance saves money. If you ignore maintenance, you’ll have more airborne pollutants and allergens. Your air quality, in general, will be less healthy.

During AC maintenance, we’ll inspect and lubricate all moving parts and inspect and add refrigerant if needed. Your tune-up includes an inspection of:

  • Blower motor
  • Capacitors
  • Compressor
  • Condenser coil
  • Ductwork
  • Electrical connections
  • Fan blade
  • Indoor coil
  • Safety devices
  • Service valves
  • Start, operation, shut-down controls
  • Supply/return differential
  • Thermostat settings

We will clean:

  • Air filter
  • Condensate drain/line

You can trust your local Ask For Cool heating and cooling professionals. Quality service and superior customer care are our trademarks. We ensure that our technicians’ ongoing education includes technology upgrades, and we observe industry-best protocols for AC repairs, replacements, and installations.

Call or contact Ask For Cool Air Conditioning for information about affordable, superior-quality AC services in Weston, FL.

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